“We, as a species, are addicted to story. Even when the body goes to sleep, the mind stays up all night, telling itself stories.”

  • Jonathan Gottschall, Author



Test Monki is an award-winning branding studio that specializes in strategy, brand development, marketing, design (print and digital), and all things creative. As design thinkers, we use our powers (for good) to help your business/product/people—sound, look, sell, and smell better. Yes—even smell better.

With many of our clients, we're not just a "vendor”, we’re an extension of their creative department. In some instances, we are the creative department. We've even been outsourced CMO's for a few. Our passion is in the creation, nurturing, and refinement of authentic brands that fit your business, connect with your audience, and are worthy of engagement and sharing. Located in The Woodlands' urbane Market Street, our office is a whimsical yet state-of-the-art creative lab where drinks are served in beakers and popcorn is made fresh daily.


  • A science lab that tests real monkeys.
  • Graphic "decorators."
  • Creatives that forgo strategy just to be "creative" or design for art's sake.
  • Rampant ass-kissers to the detriment of the work.
  • Miracle workers. We can't magically make your product/service something it's not, and we can't create a strong brand if you aren't willing to put in the time, energy, or money.


See below to learn more about the monkis.

Principal & Head of Creative

Bubbly. Focused. Passionate (about work—get your mind out of the gutter). Suzy breathes new life into creative projects, working with clients from sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies (she worked with tech-giant, Hewlett-Packard, for over 10 years). Suzy has mastered design strategy for a business purpose, not just for the sake of art—keying in on the emotional impact that pushes your customers toward a buying decision. Suzy was featured in Graphic Design USA Magazine's "People to Watch in 2015". She was one of only 30 people chosen nationwide who embody the spirit of the creative community. She heads up Creative and Strategy, loves great Tex-Mex, and brings it every time like a fiery salsa—so you better be ready.

Principal & Head of Everything Else

Brilliant and able to make things happen (can you tell he wrote this himself?). Brad has spent the past fifteen years mastering all aspects of interpersonal communications—from communicating within an organization to delivering a message externally—with a focus on the specific actions or behavior that should be the result. Start-ups and small businesses you’ve never heard of to mega-corporations like HP and retailers like RadioShack have already had the pleasure of working with him, so what are you waiting for? Brad serves as Head of Accounts as well as leads all Operational and Financial aspects of Test Monki.

Design Wizard

Sarah is Test Monki’s resident swing-dancing, yoga posing designah. Fired up by working with people, learning new things and a whole lotta java (coffee - not the script), Sarah was reflective enough (many moons ago) while a Sociology major to realize that she needed a more creative place in society. Hence a BFA in Graphic Design and Advertisement. Some "best of both worlds” time with puppies (veterinary tech) and creative (freelance design projects) prepped her perfectly for all the wild animals we encounter at Test Monki.

Design Technician

Gaby is Test Monki’s resident dreamer and probably the only designer you’ll meet that shares a favorite thing to do with Buddy the Elf (it's smiling). A creative problem solver who graduated from The Art Institute with honors (#humblebrag), she was born in Houston, spent her first seis años en Monterrey, Mexico, then made her way back home. While a mouse and keyboard are her main tools of the trade, Gaby’s also good with chords and scales. Don’t let the smile fool you, she’ll beat you at Candy Crush and if you have a pen that isn’t already part of her ultimate collection don’t leave it alone!

Design Architect

Justice brings the competitive spirit of a high-performing athlete to the Test Monki team. Equipped with a BFA, Graphic Design & Advertising and a passion to learn new things, Justice doesn’t see a challenge that can’t be conquered with hard work and perseverance. Not originally from Texas but smart enough to get here as fast as she could, Justice is one of the few people you’ll meet who know the difference between apfelwein and fassbrause.