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Just like in life, there are things that work better together—and things that don't. Good together—peanut butter & jelly. Not so good—peanut butter and mayo. You get our point. We aren't going to try and dance a jig to get you to work with us. We're either a good fit or not. But no hard feelings either way. We're just practical like that.

Here's a few qualities that can make (or break) working with us:





  • Are C-level, VP, Director, Owner, Principal, or a decision maker.
  • Are awed by our mad skillz.
  • Understand that we are NOT a non-profit (no matter how fun our job might look); therefore, we can't afford to do stuff for free or give out homie rates.
  • Have at least $7-10k to invest.
  • Get that Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is strategic design. You recognize that your team will need to invest time into the project for the optimum outcome.
  • Respect our time. We love meeting with clients—we don't love waiting 30 minutes on them.
  • Prioritize your return on investment and respect the creative process enough to get us what we need, when we need it.
  • Are more interested in a long-term, strategic partnership instead of a one-time engagement.
  • Prefer design by committee and let the inmates run the asylum, rather than having a decision maker that can move things along when needed.
  • "Have an idea" and want someone to just execute it.
  • Are a "I'll know it when I see it" kind of person.
  • Want to art direct the whole project.
  • Want everything rushed—your bad planning should not be our emergency.
  • Not making yourself available or don't make marketing a priority.
  • Have trust/control issues.
  • Disappear halfway through projects.
  • Are too busy to bother putting in the effort.
  • Try and seduce us with "more" of your business if we give you a "deal".
  • Can't handle honesty.
  • Are offended by any of the above.

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